Water Damage - What To Do!

Locate Source of Water:
First it is important that you locate the source or the water damage. Check pipes, appliances, windows, and doors around and above the water damaged area.

Stop Source of Water:
Now before water extraction and drying can commence it is important that the cause of the water damage is repaired otherwise the water damage will continue to worsen and all drying efforts will be in vein.

If the water damage was caused by a broken water pipe quickly turn the water main off. Most of the time the water main shut off valve is located in one of the following basement, crawlspace, or utility closet. If the the water damage was caused by a leaky roof or other natural disaster attempt to tarp the source off from the outside of the house and either catch with driping water with a bucket or block using a towel or blanket if seeping in under a door or window.

After you have located and stopped the growth of the damaged area call your insurance company to make sure the type of water damage is covered by your policy. Then all you need to do is call us at 888-553-0466.

The Rest Is For Us To Worry About:
From this point out we will take care of the rest. We will first come in and repair the source of the problem. Then we will extract the water and dry out the affected area. After the area is dry we will repair any drywall or flooring that was damaged by the water or removed to dry the area. After the area is dry and all repairs are made we'll come in and clean the area from top to bottom and clean the carpet.


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