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Residential - Carpets

Carpet Cleaning Process:

Dry Soil Removal:

This is considered the most important step in the entire carpet cleaning process. Dry soil removal is how our company stands above all others in quality. Soil and dirt is easier to remove when dry, so our technicians are trained to always vacuum the area being cleaned before introducing any wet cleaning agents.

Wash Cycle:

Using prespray on a carpet, pryer to steam cleaning, is the wash cycle of carpet cleaning. In this step of the cleaning process the cleaning agent applied to the carpet suspends the dirt and soil, preparing the carpet for extraction performed in the rinse cycle. Most other companies will include prespray as and extra cost. With our service there are no surprise or unexpected costs. This is just another way we stand above the rest providing you with quality.

Grooming and Agitation:

To make sure that the prespray reaches all of the nooks and cranny's of your carpet, one of our technitians will then rake the solution into the carpet.

Rinse Cycle:

This is the step that everyone associates with carpet cleaning, the use of a steam cleaning wand. In this step hot water, usually about 220 degrees (depending on the type of carpet), is forced in to your carpet at pressures exceeding 400 pounds per square inch.

Setting up a Regular Cleaning Schedule:

One way to extend the life of your carpet is by a carpet cleaning schedule. A clean carpet is a happy carpet, and a happy carpet lasts longer than a sad one.

Carpet Care Tips:

First of all place rugs or mats near entry ways in order to protect the carpet underneath from dirt build up and the depositing of soil that may potentially stain the carpet. Make sure to also vacuum the rug or mat regularly to prevent it from becoming the source of dirt.

Second make sure to regularly vacuum all high traffic areas. This is an important step in extending the life or your carpet. If a carpet is left without being vacuumed for extended periods of a time dirt and soil under the force of gravity will tend to move farther and farther down in to the carpet pile. As dirt moves deeper in to the pile it becomes more and more difficult to remove. We recommend that high traffic areas be vacuumed once-a-day and all other areas at least once-a-week.

Third we recommend instilling a no shoes policy in your home. This is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt be tracked through your home. Also when walking on carpet with shoes on the soles of the shoes, depending on their construction, may cause cause extra wear on the carpet.

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